Planning to Join Merchant Navy? Read This By Aryavart Corporation International

All the youngsters who don’t want to opt for a 9-5 job, sitting behind a desk for the rest of their lives aspire for a career that shapes their future in a different mold. One of these unique career opportunities is to enroll with the Merchant Navy. Aryavart Corporation International is here to help you to plan your prospects in the merchant navy better. Planning to join merchant navy?

Having said that, you must keep in mind that there are certain points that you really need to remember. To be completely honest, it is not a job for the faint hearted.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at things you need to consider. Read along, this is going to be a good read…

Right Qualification
O yes, here comes the first point. Qualification! If you are among those who are opting for this career so that you don’t have to study much, see you when we get back to the shore.
Merchant navy is not everyone’s cup of tea. You will need the right kind of skills to be able to enroll in this field. Different countries have different set of qualifications and academic rules, so choose your institute carefully.

Right Job
Yes, we are talking about the Human Resource concept here, to get the right person for the right job. All the departments of deployed on a ship must work like cogs of a wheel to make sure the times ahead are a smooth sailing. Yes, there will be individualism, and yes, you may witness various challenges along the way. But first of all, you should be fully aware of your capabilities. Knowing what you can’t do is as important as knowing what you can.

Fitness and Health
The third most important factor when a company is looking for candidates is their health and fitness. Unhealthy or unfit officers are not a concern for themselves alone; they become the concern of the whole crew! When you are sailing across the bosom of vast oceans, your crew is your family. And just like any complex machinery, all the people need to work in tandem with each other. If one falls short, the other one needs to buckle up! But you can’t just be out there if you are not fit enough. The weather is unpredictable, and conditions harsh.

Say Goodbye to Social Life
As long as you are on the ship, it’s just you and your crew. Until your ship reaches a shore, you won’t get to hang-out with people and socialize. If you are among those who are always looking for an opportunity to become a part of a party, merchant navy isn’t for you. No matter how hard it may sound, but that’s the truth.

Above all, says the Director of the Aryavart Corporation International, what matters the most is to have a clean record. If you have a criminal record of any sort, you won’t be hired by any company. And they take their background verification very seriously, and carry it out with epitomic  diligence.

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