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Aryavart Corporation International provides STCW training for the merchant navy aspirant students

It is important to know that become chief electrician in the cruise job give high responsibility and income package. This job is responsibility for all electrical system maintenance on the cruise ship. A chief electrician has to responsible for electrical system maintenance and electrical troubleshooting. A seaman in this job should desire proper experience, skill and qualification to do all electrical maintenance on the ship. A chief electrician have ti fluent in English speaking, high communication skill, and work with management team to ensure all ship operation run smoothly. Another requirement is all chief electricians have to posses STCW or standard of training, certification and watch keeping certificate from approved Aryavart merchant navy institute.

In order to get career as chief electrician on the cruise ship, candidate should have great experience at least 2-5 years on the board. Candidate is also should posses diploma education from merchant navy training school. Candidate is answerable as chief engineer for all ship maintenance and operation linked to electrician system on the ship. He is responsibility for basic qualification and skill as chief electrician on the cruise ship. This job is also requiring subordinate policy and commitment to ensure ship safety environment.  Chief electrician require to work together with chief engineer to control and see all environment system that work and operate/maintain in standard procedure. Different international regulation should meet with this department.

There are many ship management company that looking for and hire skilled personnel for long term contract as qualified seaman. Internet is a great source to find existing job vacancy from various ship companies. There are also a lot of jobs on the cruise ship and get paid high salary for the job that make many people attract to apply for cruise job. Some cruise job needed high skill in communication, entertainer and trainer. It is important to remember that every cruise ship company have different standard qualification, so you should prepare everything for cruise job.

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