Merchant navy course for seafaring worker: Aryavart Corporation International

Aryavart Corporation International provides STCW training for the merchant navy aspirant students

When you sailing on the cruise ship, then you will be participated in various situations such as; storm, fire and abandon ship. Working as ship engineer and navigator on the cargo ship will pass numerous of extreme situation where extreme drill comes to be reality. Preparing work for the worst situation at sea is very crucial procedure in all pre sea education for all seamanship. There is mandatory merchant navy course at Aryavart corporation institute that people needed to take, learn and get before graduated and pass qualified sailor.

Here are mandatory course to take;

  • PST – Personal Survival Technique Course

Personal survival technique requires STCW convention for seafaring personnel. This PST course covers basic technique and survival principle and practical that use in emergency situation. It is basic safety course component.

  • MFA – Medical First Aid

MFA course give insight training for seafaring personnel to do and help ship crew get medical care properly. MFA training is basic ship treatment include ship resuscitation and injury seafaring personnel treatment.

  • EFA – Elementary First Aids

It is hard course for smoke chamber that you will fill with heat and smoke. Every seafaring should get in into some house and get out from other side without goggles and breathing apparatus.

  • PSSR – Personnel Safety and Social Responsibility

Personnel Safety and Social Responsibility training is learning about ship safety principle, ship pollution prevention, ship accident prevention and safe practice at sea. People who work on the ship often exposed with hard work and bored environment. PSSR course is dealing with something unpleasant working during work on the ship in day and night shift.

Now, it is very important to have high skill, talent, knowledge and experience to handle all extreme situations during work on the ship. The main goal is make sure all ship operation still run and transport all cargo or passengers into targeted destination on time. For this reason, this job requires professional, talented and skilled personnel to work on the ship both as deck officer or engine officer. Because of this job offer high income per month or per year, many people try to apply and get career as seafaring personnel on the ship. All skill and knowledge as professional seaman is provided by Aryavart corporation International merchant navy institute.  Get it before apply for job application.

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